Toivolanranta Joint Comprehensive School is a comprehensive school of the city of Seinäjoki with a single-structure basic education, and is located in the Peräseinäjoki area. The operating model of the school is to offer pupils a single-structure basic education for the whole basic education period, from grade one until grade nine.
The school also includes the Haapaluoma centre for early childhood education and care, with a preschool and the classes 1 and 2. There are around 340 pupils and around 40 people in personnel.
The pupils have the chance to effortlessly continue their studies after comprehensive school in the secondary upper school, as the Southern Seinäjoki educational premises of the Seinäjoki Upper Secondary School are on the same courtyard as the comprehensive school.

Contact information

The pupils of our joint comprehensive school are placed in all of the three buildings on our courtyard. The building on the Koulutie street mainly houses pupils from preschool until grade 4. The building on the riverside Ville Ritolatie street houses pupils between grade 5 and 9. In addition to the upper secondary school students, pupils of the comprehensive school are also studying in the upper secondary school building.

Contact information for school office:
Principal Henry Leppäaho 050 525 1798,
Deputy principal, guidance counsellor Eero Klemola 044 418 1290
Responsible teacher for early childhood education and care Haapaluoma Teija Isosaari 050 414 2870
Seinäjoki Upper Secondary School, Southern Seinäjoki Unit, head teacher Soili Vainionpää 044 418 1287
School secretary Hannele Ylisalo 040 774 8752
Teacher’s common rooms
Comprehensive school, grades 1–6 044 418 1244
Comprehensive school, grades 7–9 050 377 3095
E-S Upper Secondary School teacher’s common room 050 377 1990
Home economics class 050 376 4419
Technical work class 050 378 5491
Special small class in comprehensive school, grades 1–6  050 379 2663
School cafeteria Sudennälkä 044 470 0252