Early childhood education is constantly being developed. The projects serve as a good initial impetus for the development of new activities.


Taituri activity promotes the realization of children’s equality and well-being through the means of art and culture. How can the methods of drama, music, verbal art, circus, dance and movement, visual arts and architecture be used in outdoor activities, dressing, resting moments, playing, and in everything! Early childhood education in the city of Seinäjoki received a special grant of 668,638 euros from the Ministry of Education and Culture in 2020-2021, which was used to hire 14 Taituri staff to act as additional resources in groups of children aged 1-5. From the beginning of 2022, the Taituri staff returned to their own units to continue establishing operations.

Development of digital skills and pedagogical activities

The project develops the digital skills of children and educators in early childhood education as part of versatile pedagogical activities. The descriptions of the new literacy development program serve as a basis for the development of ICT and media literacy and programming skills. Seinäjoki’s goals and measures will be included in the digital plan for early childhood education in Southern Ostrobothnia, which will be put into use and implemented as part of early childhood education activities with the help of the project.


In the Porukalla Luontoon and Porukalla Liikkeelle projects, operating models were developed with AVI’s funding, expanding the activities indoors and outdoors. Under the leadership of the exercise coordinator, the projects promoted increasing the movement of children, families and early childhood education workers through a wide cooperation network. The city’s early childhood education, sports services, welfare and health promotion unit, Healthy kids of Seinäjoki, SeAMK, PLU, counseling and occupational health, private service providers, sports clubs, the parish and MLL have each promoted the well-being and positive attitude of the children, families and early childhood education workers of Seinäjoki in their own way towards exercise and healthy lifestyles. The projects created good operating models and offered support to children, families and employees. Sports clubs and events have been organized for both families and employees. In early childhood education, movement has been increased, exercise equipment has been acquired, learning environments have been modified and trainings have been organized. Watch out for running children and adults!

Reading project

The SEVAO reading project was a joint project of early childhood education, preschool and primary education. The goal of the project was to promote the culture of reading, awaken and strengthen reading skills, and expand and maintain reading. Reading in early childhood education and preschool is important.

Let’s do! – pre-school english project

In 2020-21, in the pre-school english project, systematic language immersion has been started as part of pre-school education in all units offering pre-school education. The English language is versatilely integrated into everyday life, transitional situations, eating, activities, outdoor activities, and play. The operation will continue according to the plans made even after the project.