Applications for school transport for pre-school pupils are submitted to the Early Childhood Education Services via eDaisy. Additional information can be found on our web page regarding pre-school.

All new first-grade pupils who require school transport should apply for the service via Wilma

In addition to the first-graders, the pupils of other grades may need to apply for the transport.

You can request school transport for example in the following situations:

  • The pupil changes schools because they are selected for a special class or a class that emphasises certain subjects.
  • The pupil needs transport due to their state of health.
  • School travel is too strenuous or dangerous for the pupil.
  • A fixed-term transport contract has finished, and the guardian applies for a new one.

Minimum distances for the school transport service

  • Pre-school: 3 km
  • Grades 1–3: 3 km
  • Grades 4–9: 5 km

Expert’s report

If school transport is applied due to, for example, medical reasons, an expert’s report, such as a medical certificate, should be provided. This should be written by a person responsible for the patient care of the child. A statement written by the headmaster or the teacher is not considered an expert’s report.

The report should be sent to:
Seinäjoen kaupunki, Erityispalvelut
PL 215, 60101 Seinäjoki

Most school transport services are public transport

The majority of the school transport services are considered public transport, and you can buy tickets or ticket packages for the service. For more information, visit Härmän Liikenne Oy’s website.

Primary and upper secondary school students may use the local transport and the public transport of various parts of the city (Nurmo, Peräseinäjoki, Ylistaro) for school travel. Upper secondary school students whose school travel is more than 10 kilometres can apply for Kela’s school transport subsidy. More information on Kela’s school transport subsidy website.

Temporary school transport

Pupils are entitled to temporary school transport due to injury or serious illness.

An application and a medical certificate are required for arranging the fixed-term school transport. In the case of accident or illness, the child’s guardian is the primary person to organise the temporary transport. If this is not possible, the transport service will be provided.

Temporary transport services are requested from the pupil’s school. The medical certificate is delivered to the school, and the school delivers it to the administration of the city’s Special Services.