The children’s guardians submit an electronic income statement no later than the end of the month in which early childhood education starts. The family can approve the use of the income register, accepting the income register with an electronic form only applies to its current decision. An electronic income statement must also always be submitted, even if you accept the use of the income register. If the family’s job or income changes, a new electronic income statement must always be submitted for the change.

Decisions on parental leave, home care support, flexible care allowance, unemployment allowance, etc. must always be submitted as an attachment to the income statement. Likewise, the capital income page must be submitted separately from the tax decision as an attachment.

If the family’s income exceeds the so-called the full payment limit, you can tick the box in the income statement that reads: I accept the highest early childhood education fee. In this case, the decision is made according to the maximum payment / selected contract.

Income information should be updated every time there is a change in income, e.g. salary changes, maternity or unemployment allowance ends or the guardian becomes unemployed.

Accepting the income register only applies to the current decision, the use of the income register must be approved for every change.

Provide the income statement through the eDaisy service

Income information is checked every other year due to the statutory index check. We inform the guardians about this through Daisy.

The income of the service user and his/her married or common-law partner living in a joint household are taken into account as family income.

The fee is determined on the basis of the following income information

  • gross income, which needs to be verified by providing the most recent pay slip
  • unemployment or sickness benefit decision
  • flexible or partial care allowance paid by Kela
  • labour market subsidy for studying
  • rehabilitation allowance
  • pension (incl. pension paid to the child)
  • capital income
  • support for informal care
  • job alternation compensation
  • child support payment
  • paid child support is taken into account as a deduction.

The family income is determined as the income of the user of the service as well as the income of the spouse or domestic partner living in the same household with the user.

An income statement needs to be provided at the latest on the fifth day of the month following the starting month. If the income statement is not provided, the fee will be determined on the basis of the highest fee.

When the income statement is provided, the payment decision will be rectified starting from the beginning of the month that has not yet been invoiced.

Reserved caretime per week Hours per month Fee is based on Maximum fee
0 – 10 hours (only for pre-schoolers) under 43 30% of full day fee 89€
11 – 16 hours under 69 40% of full day fee 118€
17 – 20 hours under 86 50% of full day fee 148€
21 –  27 hours under 116 65% of full day fee 192€
28 –  35 hours under 150 80% of full day fee 236€
over 35 hours over 150 100% of full day fee 295€

The payment is determined by income, family size and the hours booked. If the family size is larger than 6, the income limit that is the basis of the payment is increased by 262 euros for each subsequent minor child in the family.

Family size Lowest fee 28€, with the income ofHighest fee 295€, with the income of
2 4136 € 6626 €
3 5260 € 7750 €
4 5937 € 8427 €
5 6615 € 9105 €
6 7290 € 9780 €

Customer fees in Seinäjoki are based on the Act on Early Childhood Education Customer Fees 1503/2016 and guidelines confirmed by the Culture and Welfare Board.