Taituri’s art activity refers to the child’s opportunity to learn different things and experience new experiences through the means of art. The art forms used by the artist are drama, music, spoken word, circus, dance and movement, as well as visual arts. In addition to making, experiencing, experimenting and developing are strongly involved in art.

The goal is for Taituri’s art to be seen as a natural part of the kindergarten in all situations. The task of the educator is to enable and support the child in wondering and making observations. Respect, encounter, presence and lack of urgency are important elements in everyday life.

  • Taituri is part of the cultural education plan of the city of Seinäjoki.
  • Art education is a permanent part of the city’s annual early childhood education plan
  • Art activities support the Early Childhood Education Act, the national early childhood education plan, Seinäjoki Vasu, and the curriculum for pre-primary and basic education.
  • Art activities include experiences for children and adults, training and discussion sessions about the possibilities of art education.
Bunny and friends in the locomotive

Taituri is intended for children aged 0-6 in early childhood education in the city of Seinäjoki. It creates the basis for the Culture Trip of the city of Seinäjoki’s educational and cultural services.

The culture trip is aimed at students in grades 0-9 of basic education. Both Taituri and the Culture Trip provide equal and high-quality culture, art and cultural heritage education.