Every child has a right to participate in early childhood education before starting at school, in basic education.

Applying for a place in early childhood education is done by filling in an electronic application.

The application needs to be submitted four months prior to the desired starting date or, in unforeseen circumstances, two weeks before the starting date.

The same application form is used when applying for

  • a place in pre-primary education
  • service vouchers for private early childhood education centres
  • transfer from one early childhood education provider to another
  • a place in free-of-charge play activities (open early childhood education).

The family will receive the decision of the place in early childhood education approximately two weeks before the starting date either electronically through the Suomi.fi service or by post.

If you can’t fill up the electric form, please contact varhaiskasvatus@seinajoki.fi

Service counseling for early childhood education

Mari Koski-Aho 044 418 1234 mari.koski-aho@seinajoki.fi

Kaija Raja-aho 050 354 9304 kaija.raja-aho@seinajoki.fi

Cancelling a place in early childhood education

Canselling needs to be done by the end of the month preceding the end date by submitting a free-form written notification.