Art and culture day care centre Saima

Saima is an art and culture orientated day care centre near by city centre. There are two locations with two childrens group in each of them.  

Saima daycare is open on weekdays at 6.30 am-17.00 pm.

Childrengroups in our day care centre:

Sävelet (under 3 years old children) 044 470 0324

Soinnut (3-4 years old children) 044 754 1742

Siveltimet ( 5 years old children) 044 754 1708

Sanasiivet (preschool children) 044 754 1707

Manager of day care centre Saima:

Reetta Pellonpää 044 418 1314

Day care centre Saima, Vapaudentie 27, 60100 Seinäjoki
Day care centre Saima, Ylisentie 15, 60100 Seinäjoki

Mission statement

We hope children can feel they are in a safe place and they can have opportunities for many plays and learning. We emphasize the values of child orientation, culture, arts and functional learning. We face the children as an individual and as an unique persona. We support their development as a balanced, playful and positive child.

The most important thing for a child is to learn to love oneself as an unique person. We promote the strenghthening of good confidence and healthy self-image and help them to identify, show and accept both their own and each others feelings. The handling of feelings helps the child to interact in diverse way with both other children and adults. Moreover it helps them to pay attention to other people empathetically and ethically.

Our goal is to give the children versatile experiences in all of the different kind of arts and culture through all of their senses.