Tenavakoti is a near Seinäjoki Central hospital.

The comfortable facilities and the natural surroundings offer the child the best opportunities for exercise, outdoor activities and hiking.

Security, love and honesty are the key values in our operations.

The day care centre is open from 06.30am. to 5.00pm. If necessary, until 6.00pm.

Phone numbers:

Perhoset  1-3 years old 0400173376

Peipot 1-3 years old 0400173983

Kurret  2-4 years old 0400176236

Puput 4-5 years old 0400170238

Sirkat 5-6 years old 0400173462

Leppäkertut preschool 0400170973

Email: Groupname.tenavakoti(at)seinajoki.fi