I want to make changes to the early childhood education application, how do I do it? You cannot make changes to an electronically sent application yourself. Contact Sari Salmenoja.

When will I get a decision on the early childhood education place? The decision is made about two weeks before the start time. Then there is plenty of time to visit the daycare together with the child. The decision is delivered electronically through the Suomi.fi service (if it is used by guardians) or by post.

In the fall, decisions are made unit by unit starting with preschoolers during the spring, no later than the first week of June.

What are the opening hours at the kindergartens? Daycare centers are open according to pre-booked care times between 6:00 and 18:00. Extended opening hours are 5:30 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. at Pikkumetsä daycare center in Ylistaro, Peukalopotti in Peräseinäjoki and Kultavuori daycare center in Seinäjoki Jouppi. Taika daycare center is open 24/7 for the children of adults who work in shifts.

What are the conditions for shift care at Taika daycare center?

  • Care reservations must be booked on Vekaranet according to the instructions
  • Shift care is provided only according to the needs of the child’s parents/guardians due to work or studies aimed at a professional degree. (Parents/guardians are asked for a list of work shifts or a certificate from the educational institution, e.g. about training in shift work.)
  • When the need for day care ceases, you must apply for a transfer to another early childhood education within 3 months.

How do the child’s absences affect the payments?

  • When the child is absent from the daycare for at least 11 operating days during a calendar month due to illness, half of the monthly fee is charged
  • When the child is absent for all operating days of the calendar month due to illness, no fee is charged at all.
  • If the child is absent for reasons other than illness, half of the monthly fee is charged.

How do you act in the event of an accident in the kindergarten? The daycare notifies the guardian of the accident and makes a claim report to the insurance company.

Children in early childhood education are insured by the city in LähiTapiola.

The guardian receives the payment commitment with him for a possible doctor’s visit. If there is no time to provide the payment commitment, the guardian pays the expenses himself and applies for compensation from LähiTapiola. Instructions for this can be obtained from the kindergarten.

Can a preschooler receive transportation if he is also being cared for in kindergarten? If the child participates in early childhood education in addition to pre-school, transportation can be requested according to the guardian’s work shifts to pre-school. For example, from home to preschool in the morning or home from preschool in the afternoon.

Can a pre-schooler get transport to other places of care than the nearest kindergarten? The aim is to assign a pre-school place to the child’s nearby kindergarten. If the guardians apply to some other preschool (e.g. language shower, shift daycare, private daycare, preschool located further away), there is no right to transportation.

When can a child return to care after being sick? The child can return to early childhood education when his general condition allows it and he is able to participate in all activities.