The start and end dates of a school year as well as the holidays of the adult education centre can be found on the centre’s website as well as in the printed brochure. You can read the printed brochure online. The start and end dates for courses as well as the teaching dates and times are under each course in the course programme.

During holidays, the groups do not meet, unless agreed otherwise within the group. For example, in basic education in the arts, the holiday period can differ from the aforementioned dates.


You can sign up for the courses primarily online at
You can familiarise yourself with the enrollment system and practise signing up for a course and cancelling enrollment for free on the given website all year round. The name of the practise course is “netti-ilmoittautumisen harjoittelu”.

The data system opens the courses of each subject group for enrollment exactly at the announced time. Enrollment is not possible prior to this. Enrollment is always binding. If online enrollment is not possible, you can also enroll by calling the adult education centre’s office, tel: +358 6 416 2440. If you have any questions about enrolling, please contact the office.

It is possible to sign up for courses that still have places available after enrollment throughout the school year.

Important changes in courses, for example cancelled or postponed classes, are notified to the students of the said course by a text message.

Starting and continuation of courses usually requires at least 10 students.


The office should be informed about cancellations at least eight days before the the start of the course. If the cancellation has not been made on time, the course fee will be charged. You can also cancel an online enrollment on the web page.

Study fees

The amounts of the study fees are generally based on how extensive the courses are. The course fees are invoiced separately for each course taken by sending a printed invoice to the home address of the student. When signing up, you are obliged to pay the course fee announced in the course programme. You cannot pay for the courses in connection with your online enrollment.

According to the practices of the city of Seinäjoki, an unpaid course fee is transferred to a collection agency.

Students and customers preferring to use online banking can make an agreement with the city of Seinäjoki for electronic invoicing, in which case all invoices sent by the city of Seinäjoki, including course fees for the adult education centre, will be sent as electronic invoices directly to the customer’s online bank.