Welcome on a virtualvisit to basiceducation and uppersecondaryeducation in Seinäjoki by watching this presentation! Video: Tuukka Kiviranta

Compulsory school attendance applies to all children who live permanently in Finland. Compulsory school attendance usually begins in the year in which the child reaches the age of seven. The comprehensive school comprises grades 1–9 and is intended for children aged 7–16. During the first six years, a class teacher usually teaches all or most subjects. In the 7th, 8th and 9th grades, teaching is mainly subject-based, and therefore each subject has its own teacher.

Basic education is free for pupils. Pupils get also free learning materials, daily school meal, health and welfare services.
In comprehensive school, pupils complete their compulsory school attendance and eventually receive a final certificate. Pupils can then apply to upper secondary schools or vocational schools.  In comprehensive school, pupils receive textbooks and other study materials free of charge.

The Curriculum

School activities and teaching are based on the curriculum. The curriculum describes how schools operate and which subjects each school emphasises in its teaching. The curricula of the schools can be found on the schools’ website. Pupils learn in many different ways. The school aims to provide children with extensive competence and skills needed in the future. 

Phenomenon-based learning is part of modern education. It involves multidisciplinary cooperation and real-world phenomena. Conversing, asking and questioning are encouraged in modern schools.

Alternatives of Studying

In Seinäjoki, the comprehensive school provides many kinds of opportunities: Starting from the first grade, it is possible to apply for bilingual teaching at Marttilan koulu or movement-oriented teaching at Törnävän koulu, and from the second grade, to music-oriented teaching at Hyllykallion koulu.

From the 7th grade onwards, there are even more options: Bilingual and music-oriented teaching is offered at Seinäjoen lyseo, physical education class at Seinäjoen yhteiskoulu, and mathematics class at Nurmon yläaste.