Pre-primary education involves free-of-charge education and teaching aimed at six-year-old children. In Seinäjoki, pre-primary education is provided at early childhood education centres.

In the school year 2024–2025, children born in 2018 are eligible and obligated to attend pre-primary education. Parents need to ensure that they enrol their child in pre-primary education or other activities that meet the objectives of pre-primary education. The pre-school year starts on 8 August 2024.

The free pre-school period is 20 hours a week. If the child is only in pre-school, select Pre-school in the application. If the child needs early childhood education in addition to preschool education, select Pre-school and early childhood education in the application. Book care hours taking into account the 20 h/week pre-school time.

Enrollment for pre-school education is from 24 January to 31 January 2024 and, if necessary, during other periods as well.

Enrolling for pre-school education is done via eDaisy

If you’re having trouble with the application, please contact

More information: Eija Ikola 044 754 1628

Pre-school transport

Pre-schoolers are entitled to transportation if the distance from home to pre-school is at least 3 km.

When the pre-schooler’s distance is no more than 3 km, the parents take care of the transportation. A pre-schooler can only travel with an adult chaperone.

Pre-school transport applications are done via eDaisy

Inquiries: Kaija Raja-aho 050 3459 304 or Mari Koski-Aho 044 4181234

Student care

Student care refers to the promotion and upkeep of a child’s good learning, good mental and physical health, and social well-being, as well as activities that increase their prerequisites in the preschool community.

The child has the right to receive free study care, which is required for participation in education. Pre-school education care also applies to children who are subject to extended compulsory schooling.

Student care is implemented primarily as a preventive, community-based student care that supports the entire pre-school community. In addition, children have the right to individual study care. Multidisciplinary cooperation is central to student care. Student care work is guided by confidentiality, a respectful attitude towards the child and guardian, and supporting their participation.

Student care services include psychologist and social services as well as health care services, which are organized as counseling services aimed at the age group in accordance with the Health Care Act.

At the local level, the entirety of the study care plans consists of three plans, which together guide the planning and implementation of study care. The plans are prepared in multidisciplinary cooperation. The plans are:

  • the municipality’s welfare plan for children and young people, in which the part related to study care is entered
  • a description of study care included in the local curriculum
  • unit-specific study upkeep plan, which includes community and individual study upkeep.