Child home care allowance

The right to home care allowance exists, if a child under 3 years of age is cared for at home. In addition, home care allowance can be paid for those siblings of the child who are under school age. The benefit is discontinued when the youngest child in the family turns 3, at the latest. The home care allowance cannot be paid on the basis of a child who has a place in municipal early childhood education.

The child home care allowance can be applied for by submitting an application to Kela.

Municipal supplement for children’s home care allowance

The city of Seinäjoki pays a municipal supplement to the child home care allowance between 1 January and 31 December 2021 subject to budgetary limitations and provided that the conditions for paying the municipal supplement do not change during the year.

The conditions for paying the municipal allowance are as follows:
1. The family is entitled to the statutory child home care allowance and an income-related care supplement.
2. There are two or more children under school age in the family, at least one of whom is under 3 years old.
3. All of the family’s children under school age are cared for at home -> you may not use the city’s own or city-supported early childhood care facilities.
Note: Club activities and attending preschool do not prevent receiving the municipal supplement, nor does the child’s participation in the activities of the Raviska playground.
4. The caring parent is on care leave from a permanent job and is entitled to return to work after the care leave ends, or has been on maternity leave or care leave during a fixed-term employment or official relationship and has a work history that entitles her to unemployment allowance.
5. One of the parents must be employed or a full-time student in education leading to a professional degree.

The amount of allowance paid

For the youngest child, the same amount as the care supplement of the statutory child home care allowance increased by 10%.
50 euros/child/month for other children in the family who are entitled to home care allowance.

Other details to keep in mind

The family must announce the date of the paternity benefit period held outside the parental benefit period. During the paternity allowance period, you cannot receive the municipal supplement.

The benefit is not paid for a period shorter than 30 days.

The municipal supplement can be granted retroactively for 6 months. If necessary, the application can be supplemented with missing attachments afterwards.

Private day care allowance

Private day care allowance can be granted to a family with an under school age child, who is being cared for by a caregiver hired by the family or by a private early childhood education provider. The city pays a municipal supplement to the private day care allowance.

The private day care allowance can be applied for by submitting an application to Kela.