The DaisyFamily program is the official information channel for early childhood education in the city of Seinäjoki.

In early childhood education and in preschool DaisyFamily is used for:

  • booking the child’s care reservations
  • marking days of absence or illness
  • checking summaries of the month’s reservations, spent hours and invoicing criteria
  • communicating with the child’s caretakers

You can also download the DaisyFamily app from the Google Play Store

Lock-in period

Care time reservations for the following week must be reported by 06:00 on Monday of the previous week. We hope that care time reservations are made for a few weeks at a time, it will make it easier for employees to plan their shifts. You can change your child’s care time reservations up to the lock-in time of the previous week.

DaisyFamily support

You can fill a support ticket here