Our address is Katajalaakson päiväkoti, Katajalaaksonkatu 6, 60320 Seinäjoki

The municipal day care centre of Katajalaakso is open from 6.00am to 6.00pm according to the reservations and need for care.

The preschool time for 6-year-old children is from 8.30am to 12.30am.

Our day care is located in the middle of the Katajalaakso neighborhood. Due to our location near forests and playgrounds we are able to experience the outdoors by foot. We provide children physical education, music and visual arts on a weekly basis.

The core idea of our education is taking care of the child’s well-being. We ensure everyone’s well-being by providing nutritious food, active exercise, appropriate rest and most importantly our lap and presence. With our own example we create an warm and accepting atmosphere where everyone can feel safe and involved. We enable children opportunities to discover on their own and strenghten their curiosity for the World around them. Our ambition is to help children trust themselves and have the courage to be theirselves.

In the day care of Katajalaakso we nurture children in five different teams of competent educators. We educate children in cooperation with the parents and guardians. We also have an acting parents’ association to complete our collaboration.

Our child groups and their phonenumbers:

Puolukat (Lingonberries)
044 418 1370

groupname(in Finnish).katajalaakso@seinajoki.fi

Kirsikat (Cherries)
044 418 1324

Vadelmat (Rasberries)
044 418 1416

Mansikat (Strawberries)
044 418 1860

Mustikat (Bilberries)
044 418 1815