Pohja school, built in 1958 is located in Pohja district near the city center of Seinäjoki. There are about 150 students in our school. There are also several school assistants working together with teachers and children. We have basic education classes from the 1st to 6th and additionally two classes for children with special needs.

Our school was renovated in 2013. In that process all the areas of the building were updated according to modern needs of education. In the renovation we got a totally new canteen and classes for crafts.

In the school yard there are lots of equipments activating physical exercise, a rink for games and sand court. Together with the parent-teacher association our school has acquired toys and other equipment to enable kids’ activities during the breaks.

In our school we want to educate children to appreciate and be considerate to every person working or studying here. Trust and respect between students and adults enhance safe and confidential working atmosphere. The function of our school emphasizes activity and working together. Pohja school is ”a village school in the middle of the city”.