The family can get a service voucher from the city for early childhood education for a private service provider. However, the service voucher is always a discretionary benefit and there is no statutory subjective right to it.

Private service providers are the daycare centers Jump, Pilke/Vihreä Willa, Suvikello, Trio, Steinerpäiväkoti Pajulintu, English Playschool and Tohinakodit. The service voucher can only be used for these service providers approved by the city.

How to apply for a service voucher:

  • Confirm a place from a private service provider
  • After confirming the place, make a treatment place agreement
  • Make an electronic service voucher application and attach the childcare agreement you have made with the private daycare center.
  • Submit your income information via eDaisy
  • You can get a decision on issuing a service voucher and early childhood education fee in eDaisy

Inquiries: Koski-Aho Mari 044 418 1234
Raja-Aho Kaija 050 354 9304