Information about Food Services

Food Services produce meals for the residents of the city at schools, day care centres and units for the elderly. Food Services employ approx. 160 people. There are approx. 50 kitchens. They make food from breakfast to evening snacks. Schoolchildren are offered lunch, and the pupils in afternoon clubs also get a snack. At the day care centres, all meals of the day are offered depending on when the child is at day care. The units for the elderly take care of the food and nutrition of the residents every day from breakfast to evening snacks.

The Heart Symbol has been granted to the lunches at schools and day care centres. The symbol shows that the meal is a good, healthy choice. The school meal covers 1/3 of the pupils’ daily need for energy. If the child eats breakfast, lunch and a snack at the day care centre, the meals cover 2/3 of the child’s daily energy needs.

Special diets

Special diets are provided at schools and day care centres for health and religious reasons. A nurse’s or doctor’s certificate on the special diet is required. The certificate is delivered to the kitchen. The kitchen is notified about diets required for religious reasons either directly or via a teacher; no certificate is needed. If the lunch of the day includes meat that is prohibited for religious reasons, a vegetarian meal is offered instead.

Vegetarian food

Vegetarian food is offered for everyone once per week. Those who want to eat vegetarian food every day must commit to the diet. Vegetarian food is prepared for children at the day care centre, if their families are also vegetarians. Schoolchildren can get vegetarian food after receiving the permission of their parent or carer and discussing with the school nurse how the vegetarian meals will be implemented. Vegetarian food may contain milk and eggs.