Pajuluoma School is a primary school for 320 pupils. It is located in a suburb called Pajuluoma. The school building was built in 2009. The school is a part of building complex which includes also facilities for early childhood education, preschool education, afternoon activities and a youth centre. On the same property there are also facilities for a child health centre and a community centre of Lutheran Church.

Pajuluoma School offers basic education and special needs education (grades 1-6). Pajuluoma School follows Finnish national, regional and the Seinäjoki City curriculums for primary schools and emphasizes physical education. The school yard offers excellent possibilities for various sports and plays during the sport lessons and the whole school day. The surroundings of the school offer opportunities to explore nature by skiing and hiking in the forest.

During the school year there are several days for workshops which concentrate on music, arts, sports and entrepreneurial activities.

In order to develop pupils` communication, co-operation and language skills, Pajuluoma School has started an internationality project with the support of Erasmus-programme. The programme includes communication via internet with our partner school in Spain and visits throughout the school year.