Pupils moving to Seinäjoki or within Seinäjoki should be enrolled in their local schools.

If a pupil is moving away from Seinäjoki, the headmasters of the current school in Seinäjoki and of the new school should be informed well in advance.

The pupil can finish their school year in their former local school in the following situations:

  • with the headmaster’s decision in the case that a pupil moves to another school area within Seinäjoki during the school year
  • with the Special Education Headmaster’s decision in the case that a pupil with special needs moves to another school area within Seinäjoki during the school year
  • with the decision of the Head of Basic Education in the case that a pupil moves away from Seinäjoki during the school year

In all these cases, the pupil’s school travel arrangements and costs are borne by the guardians.

Information on school admission areas and the determination of the school

On the basis of the administrative regulations of the Education Centre (Seinäjoen kaupungin sivistyskeskus), the Education Commitee has the power to determine, where appropriate, the area of basic education (pupil area) from which pupils come to a specific school, or decide on other grounds for admission to the school.

A pupil’s local school is determined by the pupil’s residential address. The local school is one of the schools in the pupil area. It is not always possible to designate the school that is geographically closest to the pupil’s home as the local school. The local school and a closest school can therefore be different. (Administrative regulations, section 3)

Pupils are sometimes placed in secondary local schools. In this case, another school nearby will be designated as the pupil’s local school. Although primary local school areas are designated, the neighbouring schools may also serve as local schools, for example, due to large numbers of pupils. Over the years, pupils have needed to be placed in different schools in several school areas. For example, a pupil belonging to the pupil area of Pajuluoman koulu can be placed in, for example, in Kärjen koulu or Lintuviidan koulu as a secondary local school, depending on the pupil’s address.

Primary local school areas by street address

School areas for primary school
School areas for lower secondary school

You can also contact the schools directly to ask about the details related to school selection.