The city of Seinäjoki has adopted a new public participation model. The model guides the city’s actions to promote inclusion and supports community participation in the municipality.

Public Participation Model

Public participation model

  • Defines what we mean by participation
  • Sets concrete goals for the promotion of participation
  • Offers local residents information about how they can participate and influence matters
  • Steers the development of the city’s practices towards a more inclusive culture
Four levels of the public participation model

The public participation model of Seinäjoki consists of four different parts.

  1. Active city with a strong sense of community
    We promote a strong local identity and support community participation to make sure that everyone has the opportunity to contribute to their city and make it their own.
  2. Renewing urban environment
    We want to give our residents a real opportunity to contribute to the urban environment. We make sure that residents can participate in urban planning already at an early stage.
  3. Seamless services
    The city’s services are user-oriented and close to the local residents. Practical actions and good communication create a feeling of inclusion in everyday services.
  4. Open communication
    We provide information about the results of public participation openly and actively. The city’s decision-making is transparent. We support interaction between the city’s administration, personnel, elected officials and residents.