Hospitality granted by the City is related to events organised in Seinäjoki, which support the City of Seinäjoki’s strategic objectives. When considering hospitality, the following is assessed: the way in which the event promotes the City’s strategic objectives, whether the City benefits from the provision of hospitality in terms of recognition or other image-related benefits and whether the event is relevant to the City’s operations.

The Mayor grants hospitality in accordance with the criteria for hospitality. Hospitality can be applied for through an online form.

Receptions organised as hospitality events are mainly organised at the Town Hall at the address Kirkkokatu 6. Receptions are hosted by a representative of the City, and the City is responsible for the event’s costs and catering. The City sends an official invitation, with the party applying for hospitality delivering it to the guests.  

At the discretion of the City, hospitality may also be provided in other locations, for example, in other buildings owned by the City or in premises owned by external parties. If the event is not organised in the City’s premises, the hospitality provided by the City mainly consists of a welcome toast. In domestic meetings, congresses and events, hospitality is always provided in the form of a welcome toast. The City may also consider other forms of hospitality.