Local community development

Local communities of Seinäjoki can apply for village and neighbourhood community development grants in the spring. Apply for the grant using the electronic service Timmi at varaukset.seinajoki.fi. Applications submitted after the end of the application period will not be processed. The city vitality committee will make a decision on the grant amounts during the spring.

Applications can be submitted by village and neighbourhood associations, parents’ associations, youth associations, other local development associations and informal residents’ communities.

Project grant

In 2020, a total of 20,000 euros has been earmarked for grants to be awarded among the applicants. The maximum amount of development grant is 3,000 euros per applicant. The grants are only awarded for projects in the Seinäjoki area.

Grant criteria

The grants are awarded for community development work done in the villages and neighbourhoods of Seinäjoki. When creating the development plan, consider how the grant would support the following aspects in the community:

  • building local identity
  • sense of community
  • functionality
  • participation
  • how much volunteer work is used in the project.
  • The grant is not intended for the purchase of equipment or supplies, unless the purchases are closely linked to the elements mentioned above.

The application must mention the following elements:

  • Intended use for the grant and justification
  • Estimated development project costs
  • Plan for the execution of the development project
  • Payment

The grants are paid retroactively. If you have been awarded the grant, you need to submit the following documents by 15 November 2020:

  • receipts
  • report of realised projects
  • documentation of realised projects (photos,videos)

See grants awarded in 2020 via this link (section 11).
See grants awarded in 2019 via this link (section 21).