You can send tips on using the Electric feedback service.

The feedback system is at your disposal whether you want to give thanksmake a comment, ask a question or leave a complaint or a proposal for action. The feedback is processed on weekdays between 8 am and 3:45 pm.

The feedback should not contain any sensitive information, such as personal identification numbers, people’s names or bank account numbers.

We are particularly looking forward to your feedback on our New online service!

We have published direct links to various pages on which we would like to receive feedback:

You can also give feedback in english.

Tips on using the feedback service

The feedback can be linked with a particular location on the map, which allows you to report a broken bench in a particular park, for example.

You can download the mobile feedback application, Trimble Feedback, from an app store (Apple Store, Google Play or Windows Store). The application automatically adds location data provided by the mobile device to the feedback as the application starts.

Start using the feedback system and let others know about it, too!