Legislation on abandoned vehicles

The city is responsible of removing vehicles on the streets if they can be considered abandoned or scrap vehicle due to their value, condition, or any other visible factor. The city may also remove a vehicle if it obstructs street maintenance or repairs, or if it is not suitable for driving (no inspection has been done or the vehicle tax has not been paid). Keeping these kinds of vehicles on the streets is not acceptable.

The city places a notification on the vehicle and sends the request to move the vehicle to its owner as well. After receiving the request, the owner must move the vehicle within one week. If the vehicle is not moved, the city will remove and store in municipal storage.

The owner may retrieve the vehicle before it becomes property of the city. The vehicle becomes property of the city 67 days after removing it from the street. Before the vehicle is released, the owner must pay the storage and removing expenses. The person picking up the vehicle must prove their identity and ownership of the vehicle.

Vehicles that become property of the city are mostly sold to breaker’s yard. The buyers send a certification of destruction to the city.

Removing abandoned vehicles from private properties

The owner, holder or any other person who has right to a property can ask the city to remove a vehicle. Request for assistance must be submitted to the city in order to remove the vehicle. In this case, the person requesting the assistance pays for the removing expenses.

Request for assistance form for private persons Download

Send the completed form to the Urban Environment Division’s registry.

Contact information of the registry:
Alvar Aallon katu 10, 60100 Seinäjoki, Finland