Community transport is public transport for everyone and available at request.

In community transport, the driver may assist the passengers to get aboard or off if needed. The community transport vehicle can pick up the passenger on the street, bus stop or from their home.

Fees: The community transport passengers’ and over 65-year-old passengers’ own contribution in trips less than 15 kilometres is 2 euros. Trips exceeding 15 kilometres are charged according to the community transport fees.

Community transport fees:

0-16 km €4.70

16-20 km €5.50

20-25 km €6.10

25-30 km €6.80

Community transport must be requested at the travel service centre at +358 10 217 6537 a day in advance or at least two hours before the planned trip. If you do not need the service, please remember to cancel it.

Telephone service is available 24/7.

The cost of the call includes only operator’s fee, not the service fee. No queuing fee is charged.