We offer a wide range of options for residential and commercial construction projects. We have plots suitable for detached, terraced, and holiday-house, as well as plots for apartment buildings, business premises, and industrial purposes throughout the city. The available plots can be viewed and in our online plot catalogue.

Most of our detached plots are freely available for the construction of our own home. Plots are available both in rural areas and in more densely inhabited areas.

Plots suitable for terraced houses and apartment buildings are available for construction companies. Before land can be purchased, it must be reserved and acceptable plans for the use of the plot must be presented.

Seinäjoki has several business areas throughout the city. The reservation of a business plot is always preceded by a meeting with the City’s contact person.

Land reservations are subject to a reservation fee in line with the ratified price list. This fee is subsequently deducted from the cost of the land. If a land reservation is cancelled by the buyer, the reservation fee shall be retained by the City.

Plots are reserved through the online plot catalogue.
More information is available in Finnish.