Seinäjoki’s environmental protection activities are based on the various laws applicable in the City of Seinäjoki area. These laws include the Environmental Protection Act, the Waste Act, Land Extraction Act, and the Water Act. In accordance with these laws, we monitor the activities of companies and local residents if environmental pollution can or has already taken place. We also deal with various permit issues and resolve other issues based on the reports of local residents.

The environmental protection division also monitors the state of the environment. We primarily do this by monitoring air quality. Environmental protection is involved in various projects and we promote sustainable development goals in all our activities.

The Seinäjoki landscape has many valuable areas, including extensive arable areas along the river banks, raised marshlands, and peatland forests. The River Kyrönjoki and its tributaries extend from the southern border of Seinäjoki through the centre of Seinäjoki to the border with the municipality of Isokyrö. Another major river is the River Nurmonjoki, which flows into the River Lapuanjoki. There are four large reservoirs in Seinäjoki (Kyrkösjärvi, Kalajärvi, Hirvijärvi, and the Varpula reservoir), which have been made for floodwater storage. Reservoirs also play an important recreational role.

Director of Environmental Protection Hanna Latva-Kiskola, tel. +35844 415 5716
Environmental Protection Inspector Jukka Järvinen, tel. +35850 581 1695
Environmental Protection Inspector Miia-Eveliina Lae, tel. +35844 425 5717
Environmental Protection Inspector Aili Sorjanen, tel. +35850 581 1694

Postal address: PL 214, 60101 Seinäjoki
Visiting address: Alvar Aallon katu 10, E-ovi, puh. +3586416 2121