The goal of exercise instruction services is to offer all inhabitants the possibility to exercise and partake in physical activities starting from their own ability level. The city assumes key responsibility for the wellbeing of its citizens and the preconditions of their physical training, though the citizens themselves decide their own course of training.

The main task of sports and exercise services is to offer training within adaptive physical activities as well as to organise exercise programs and events for senior citizens and special populations, for example those with disabilities. The sports and activities offered to people of working age are focused on swimming and water activity training groups. There are around 90 various exercise groups that meet weekly.

Enrolment for exercise groups takes place annually, in August, and places that become available in the groups are filled during the year. Instruction is charged with an annual fee, and water exercise groups the normal swimming rate. Also water exercise groups that are open to the general public are organised at the swimming hall. It is possible to join these groups at the service point 45 minutes before the group starts. Instruction is charged with a single payment in addition to the normal entry fee. Current information about these groups can be obtained from the Finnish language webpages. Children’s swimming courses are organised in the swimming hall during the summer.

Sports and exercise services can also organise instructed gym visits as well as instructed water running and fitness tests on demand.

More information about groups and swim schools
Tanja Särkipaju, Head of Sports and Exercise Services