The cultural services of the City of Seinäjoki offer possibilities and partnerships to freshen up the cultural life in our city. We organise various cultural activities together with other participants. Our work focuses on making more diversified cultural offerings to children, young people, families with children, and senior citizens. In addition, we offer support and expertise in the creation of events and ceremonies and we encourage different actors to produce uncompelled cultural festivities that enrich our city’s cultural life. We want to find new cooperative partners to make Seinäjoki’s cultural life rich.

We at the cultural services of the City of Seinäjoki:

  • promote the wellbeing of the city’s inhabitants through various cultural contacts
  • encourage and support different actors to produce self-motivated cultural experiences in the city
  • work actively with different partners and create new cooperation contacts
  • participate in new and surprising experiments
  • offer meaningful work and internship positions to the students of the field