Museum of South Ostrobothnia

1. From iron and gunpowder factories to boutique shops – entrepreneurship in Seinäjoki
Discover Seinäjoki’s entrepreneurial history by touring the old iron and gunpowder works amid the lush scenery of Törnävä Manor.

2. From chimneyless cabins to majestic two-storey farmhouses – life and living in Southern Ostrobothnia
Learn about Ostrobothnia’s architectural heritage by exploring a traditional Ostrobothnian homestead with outbuildings painted in falu red.

3. Tour of Törnävä – history of the Seinäjoki iron and gunpowder works and life in Southern Ostrobothnia
The guided tour leads through the leafy grounds of Törnävä Manor to the old iron and gunpowder works and a traditional homestead showcasing Southern Ostrobothnian peasant culture.

Civil Guard and Lotta Svärd Museum

1. Times of war and peace – national defence and famous architecture
The guided tour explores the architecture of the former headquarters of the Southern Ostrobothnia Civil Guard, designed by Finland’s perhaps most renowned architect Alvar Aalto, and the main building’s exhibitions on the work of the Civil Guard, Jäger units and the Lotta Svärd organisation.