The City of Seinäjoki is promoting internationalism and strengthening the city’s attractiveness and competitiveness. As part of this, Seinäjoki is maintaining and developing relationships with its twin and partnership cities, applying actively to join city networks, welcoming international visitors to explore the city and staying in contact with international residents and companies. The City cooperates with many local organisations in its international activities.

International activities are part of the city’s strategic development. Seinäjoki’s international business environment is being developed through goals set by the City Council and chosen focus areas. Internationalism plays a part in supporting the achievement of strategic goals. It is an element that influences all of the development work of the City of Seinäjoki. Matters of internationalism are part of the vitality and competitiveness sector and fall under the purview of the city’s Vitality Committee.

Seinäjoki is also becoming more international without taking action across borders, thanks to its increasingly international and multicultural residents as well as international organisations and cultural actors operating in the city. MONI is a guidance and information service for immigrants that also offers information about immigration to the city’s various actors. The aim is to provide high-quality services to all residents and visitors, regardless of nationality.