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What if you would work from home and move to the world’s best home office, Seinäjoki? Commonly people move because they change jobs, whilst moving and working from home is changing life for the better. Get to know life in Seinäjoki!

Essi’s wanderlust turned into working from home in Seinäjoki

"Living in different places I have learnt that daily life is always daily life, no matter where in the world you are. The short distances in Seinäjoki and the city’s compact size, do however make daily life nicer."

Rita’s employer is in England and her customers in Nordic countries

"As a foreigner it is difficult to find work in Seinäjoki, but I had a lot of luck finding my current job. I am a B2B salesperson, and I look after customers in all the Nordic countries.My employer is in England, and I have already worked three years from Seinäjoki."

Tiina conquers the world from Seinäjoki

”I settled in Seinäjoki because it was easy to conquer the world from here. My work has taken me to 27 countries in three different continents."

Sweet home Seinäjoki

We in Seinäjoki famously have space for everything good. We have space for all shapes and sizes of dreams, from the smallest wishes to the grandest plans. In Seinäjoki you will find all the elements for a good life: reasonably priced housing, quick connections to everywhere, jobs, career paths and entrepreneurship, diverse free time activities all year round and a safe environment to live – to mention just a few.

Living in Seinäjoki

Seinäjoki offers housing in both the city and countryside: you can live in the centre, in apartments and detached houses in different areas of the city, in a village atmosphere, or beside water. Various forms of housing are available for all stages of life. The average square metre price of homeownership is 1897 €/m² and 11,93 €/m² for rental accommodation.

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Geographically the city’s location and connections are fantastic. Seinäjoki is a city on a railway junction, allowing quick train travel around Finland, for example, to Helsinki less than 3 hours, to Oulu in 3 hours and to Tampere in an hour. Journeys around the great small city flow smoothly with short distances to services.

Free time

Seinäjoki offers a wide variety of outdoor, cultural and recreational opportunities, all year round. The city is well-known as a lively event city. The most famous large events include Provinssi, the Tangomarkkinat Festival and Vauhtiajot.

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Work in Seinäjoki

Besides working from home, of course it is also possible to work traditionally in Seinäjoki – there are plenty of interesting jobs on offer. Seinäjoki and South Ostrobothnia have amongst the highest employment rates in mainland Finland. Similarly, Seinäjoki’s unemployment rate is amongst the smallest for the country’s large cities.

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For companies and entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurship and entrepreneurs are always highly valued in Seinäjoki. Become an entrepreneur, develop your business and relocate in entrepreneur friendly Seinäjoki.

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