This is how the City of Seinäjoki functions.

The Mayor of the City of Seinäjoki is Mr Jaakko Kiiskilä.

The city’s highest decision-making power is vested in the City Council, whose 51 members are elected in a municipal election every four years. The tasks of the City Council include making decisions on the basis for the economy and the city’s finances. The Council also decides the structure of the city administration: committees, offices and institutions, as well as on their authority. Also the elected officials and the key officeholders are appointed by the City Council.

The City Board (13 members) leads the city administration. Its task is to prepare the issues to be dealt with by the City Council and to take care that the decisions of the City Council are implemented. The City Board also takes care of the general development of the city and supervises its officeholders’ actions as well as the financial management of the city.

The City Council appoints the 13 committees for each municipal electoral period of four years. The committee prepares the issues connected with its own sphere of authority to be handled by the City Board or the City Council and oversees the implementation of the decision. A committee’s task is to take care of the development of the activities, economy and organisation of its own sphere of authority, to set goals and to follow the results of the activities carried out, as well as to supervise and to monitor the planning and implementation relating to its own sphere of authority.

By-Laws of the City of Seinäjoki

The by-laws and the standing orders direct the City authorities and their function, the apportionment of their competence and duties. The City Council approves the necessary by-laws. On the basis of the by-laws, the City Council transforms authority to municipal bodies, elected officials and office-holders. At the same time, The City Council can grant a City authority the right to delegate the transferred competence further.

The Directive for Information Management gives directions for the organization and the systematic management of the City Archives. Internal auditing is an instrument for the management. The Directives for Internal Auditing are confirmed by the City Council.

City Council 2021–2025


Chair Pasi Kivisaari (Centre Party)

  1. Vice Chair Kimmo Heinonen (National Coalition Party)
  2. Vice Chair Harry Wallin (Social Democratic Party)

City Board 2021–2023


Chair Paula Risikko (National Coalition Party )

  1. Vice Chair Aki Ylinen (Centre Party)
  2. Vice Piia Kattelus-Kilpeläinen (Finns Party)


Jari Jokinen, Administration Director
tel. +358 44 754 1670