“My name is Rita and I am from Germany. I have lived in Finland for over five years, of which a good four years have been in Seinäjoki. I moved to Finland because of my husband, who works in Lapua. We decided to move to Seinäjoki.

I have a master’s degree in economics, and I already had work in Germany before I moved to Finland. As a foreigner it is difficult to find work in Seinäjoki, but I had a lot of luck finding my current job. I am a B2B salesperson, and I look after customers in all the Nordic countries. My employer is in England, and I have already worked three years from Seinäjoki.  

I have rented an office from an office hotel in the centre of Seinäjoki.

In the beginning I was afraid that maybe I would not be able to organize my schedule or to have enough self-discipline. Fortunately working from home has suited me well. I have rented an office from an office hotel in the centre of Seinäjoki. This allows me to separate my work and free time. Normally I travel a lot in my work, visiting customers, exhibitions or my employer’s office. Since March this year I have only been in Seinäjoki. Online meetings have probably been new and challenging to us all. On the other hand, online meetings save time. Still, online meetings cannot always replace face-to-face meetings.

My tip for working from home: it is best to separate work and free time. I recommend making to-do lists and considering what you want to achieve in a day. It is also worth scheduling breaks for your own timetable, it could be easy to forget about a lunch break.

I believe that I can concentrate better than working in a big office, because there are fewer interruptions. Time is saved when less time is used for business travel. I think that remote work is here to stay.

In my free time I am an active member of different associations in Seinäjoki: Seinäjoki Ukulele Orchestra, the Finland-Germany Association and Junior Chamber Seinäjoki. It is a pleasure to go to the crochet and patchwork course at the Adult Education College. I enjoy the outdoor possibilities in Uppa and in the summer the beach at Sahalampi.”