“I settled in Seinäjoki because it was easy to conquer the world from here. My work has taken me to 27 countries in three different continents. However, it has always felt just as good to return to Seinäjoki, where my home and loved ones are. Presently I am working in Albania on a Twinning project related to the security sector. The pandemic brought me home and since then I have worked from home. My own team is in Tirana and the project is being implemented with remote connections from the Capital of Space  

It took the first couple of weeks to get used to the new ways to work and ensuring the effectiveness of communication. Everyday tools are Teams and other communication devices. When I need to make contact quickly, then WhatsApp is always within arm’s reach. Occasionally, work involves participants from many different countries and working remotely with a translator brings its own additions to remote meetings.   

However, working from home daily has shown that long distances and working remotely are not barriers to effective co-operation.

Most of all I miss traditional social contact and workday encounters. Although collective coffee breaks and lunches are no longer, we still exchange news every day, and talk about the weather and the corona situation. In this way we maintain a good team spirit. To begin with I had slight doubts about whether development work and the project could be implemented remotely. However, working from home daily has shown that long distances and working remotely are not barriers to effective co-operation.

The best things about working from home are flexibility and the freedom to choose when and where to work. Personally, working from home has also given me the opportunity to spend more time with loved ones. When all work tools are the whole time at hand, it is easy to start working in your free time. My workstation at home changes from the corner of the sofa to the kitchen table and to my home office depending on the day and the tasks to be done. Work ergonomics are not always the best possible, resulting in my neck becoming stiffer. In my opinion, taking care of your own work welfare is even more important when working from home than in traditional work.

I believe that working from home and new forms of working are here to stay. Even now, the positive effects of working from home can be seen, for example a reduction in sick days and improved productivity. I believe that digitalization in the last few months and working from home will offer many new opportunities for individuals and companies. Personally, it means an even smaller world and the possibility to virtually conquer the world in new locations.”