The expression ”the capital of space” refers to facts, phanomena and mental imagery deeply associated with Seinäjoki.

When considering Seinäjoki, the first thing that comes to mind might be geographical: the city and its surroundings are located in expansive and spacious landscape, with no hills in sight. And by being the most important city in all that spaciousness, Seinäjoki can proudly call itself the capital of space. In addition to geographical spaciousness, Seinäjoki has space and room in all meanings of the word; space for all the good things.

Claiming to be the capital of space also says a lot about our attitude. In Seinäjoki, we are gutsy and self-confident, and take healthy pride in our own skills and uniqueness. We set out goals high and admire others who do so.

The Capital of Space in a nutshell

Seinäjoki is the Capital of Space. We have space for all the good things. Seinäjoki has space for life and growth, space for entrepreneurship and success. We have space for new ideas and innovation. We have space for culture, sports and hobbies. We have space to unleashing your full potential, space for following your dreams. First and foremost, Seinäjoki has space for well-being, happiness and good life.