In the local government trials on employment, the tasks of the TE Office concerning certain customer groups will be transferred via legislation to the municipality participating in the trials Regional trials will start on 1st March 2021 and end on 30th June 2023.

In the local government trials, some jobseeker-customers will be transferred to the municipalities participating in the local government trials, to become their customers, while others will remain customers of the TE Office. When a customer is transferred to the local government trial, his or her services will be primarily provided by his or her municipality of residence.  

During the trials, employer-customers will continue to be offered employer and business services by the TE Office. However, employers should take into account the impacts of the trials on their services, for example, with regard to applying for pay subsidy.

You do not have to find out for yourself whether you are a customer in the local government trials

  • If your registration as a customer is transferred from the TE Office to the local government trial, you will be notified of it either by letter or electronically through the E-services, and you will be contacted about the local trial in your area.  
  • If your registration as a customer remains at the TE Office, you will not receive any separate notification and there will be no changes to your services.
  • Always register as a jobseeker through the TE Services’ E-Services, whether you are a customer in the local government trial or at a TE Office.
  • When you register as a jobseeker during the trial, you will be informed in the acknowledgment of receipt of where you are registered as a customer.  
Are you enrolled in the local government pilots on employment.

Who are customers in the local government trial?  

You are a customer in the local government trial if you have registered as a jobseeker and your municipality of residence is part of a regional trial and you are unemployed, laid-off, employed or in enrolled a service promoting employment and belong to one of the following groups:

  • you are not entitled to an earnings-related allowance
  • you are under 30 years of age
  • you speak a language other than Finnish, Swedish or Sami, or you are an immigrant

What does the local government trial seek to achieve?

The aim of the local government trials is to boost the employment of unemployed jobseekers, to direct them to training opportunities and to bring new solutions to the availability of skilled workforce. The aim of the trial is to develop services that support jobseekers’ opportunities to find employment and service models under which the customer’s situation and service needs are taken into account individually.  

Further information on the local government trials on employment

source: TE Office