Summer Artist 2024

The Cultural Services of the City of Seinäjoki is looking for a Summer Artist for the two-month long (July 8th – September 8th, 2024) summer job.

We are looking for a visual artist to do artistic work!

The Cultural Services of the City of Seinäjoki is looking for a Summer Artist for the eight time. The idea of the two-month long (July 8th – September 8th, 2024) summer job is to hire a visual artist or art student at the beginning of their career to implement a public project that is based on their own artistic practice. We welcome applicants of different ages, localities and backgrounds. The application can also be sent in English.

We invite you to submit a project proposal that raises ideas about memorials, the tradition of remembrance and the future of remembrance through contemporary art. What is worth remembering? For example, multidisciplinary, process or event-based, site specific or performative practices are possible for the Summer Artist’s working period. The Summer Artist will join the Kunsthalle Seinäjoki team at the Art and Culture Centre Kalevan Navetta. Specific details for the working period are shaped depending on the artist’s ideas, interests and methods in a dialogue with Kunsthalle Seinäjoki.

What are we looking for?

o The applicant must present a preliminary project idea or work plan of what they would like to implement as the Summer Artist 2024. It is important that the project is possible to complete during the 2 month period.
o An artist who outlines how their artistic process would address the given theme: how is remembrance reflected in a publicly shared space and what is worth remembering? What has been remembered in the past and what could be the ways of remembering in the future?
o The artistic work will be visible to the customers of the Art and Culture Centre and the residents of Seinäjoki in some way during the summer.
o At the end of the working period, the Summer Artist will implement a pop-up exhibition, presentation, video screening, talk or event lasting a few days. The artist can use the Itikka space at Kalevan Navetta for this. As an event, this will be connected to the opening event of Tove Kjellmark’s solo exhibition at Kunsthalle Seinäjoki on Friday the 6th of September 2024.

We expect

o A strong artistic vision and an inspiring, original project idea.
o Independent and public-friendly working style and good cooperation and communication skills.

We offer

o Monthly salary of 2231,55 €/month and the support and expertise of the Kunsthalle Seinäjoki staff.
o A production budget of around 1000 €.
o Work phone and computer.

o Working space in Kalevan Navetta. There are certain usage restrictions, such as the use of solvents, spray or permanent paints, ceramics and wood and plaster sculptures, etc.

o The duration of the work period is 2 months, between July and September 2024. Working days are from Monday to Friday but working hours are flexible. Working period will begin from the 8th of July and end the 8th of September. Small changes to the timetable are negotiable.

The job does not include an apartment, but the person selected will be assisted to find accommodation if needed. The Summer Artist is expected to live or stay in Seinäjoki during the working period.

You can also attach the project idea and CV as an attachment.

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