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Emergency services

Emergency duty at the medical centre is between 8am–8pm, tel. +358 6 425 5311, Koskenalantie 18

Emergency service at night at the emergency clinic of the central hospital is between 8pm–8am, tel.+358 6 415 4555, Koskenalantie 18

Dentist's emergency duty is by appointment only.
Centralised appointments Mon-Thu are between 7:45am–3pm. Friday and days prior to holidays between 7:45am–2pm, tel. +358 6 425 5425
For matters requiring urgent service it is recommended to call directly in the morning.
On weekends and public holidays, appointments are between 9am–12pm, tel. +358 6 425 5428

Social service duty through emergency response centre via the emergency number 112.
Urgent social services outside office hours for the inhabitants of the municipalities of the area or persons residing in the area of service duty.

Nurse at the A-clinic (clinic for treating problems caused by harmful intoxicants), service duty reception Mon-Thu at 8:30am–11am, tel. +358 44 754 1638

Veterinary service outside office hours (charged at, €3.01/min.), tel. +358 600 399 001

The general emergency number is 112.

Health and social services

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