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Streets and traffic

The design, construction and maintenance of the city's street, traffic and urban runoff network belong to the profit centre of civil engineering. The purpose of design and implementation is to create a safe, functional and pleasant living environment including streets, pedestrian and bicycle ways, bridges, market squares, parks, playgrounds, and other public places.

The design branch of civil engineering is in charge of planning the traffic system and streets and their layout, and designing the equipment belonging to them. Other important tasks include the planning of urban runoff control and traffic safety work as well as the design, planning and clarifications of soil extraction and banking and the treatment of closed waste disposal sites.

Civil engineering’s profit centre of construction work implements the civil engineering construction and renovation projects according to the approved plans, partly as the city’s own work and partly as all-in price contracts.

The tasks of the profit centre of street maintenance include the maintenance and cleaning work of streets, roads, pedestrian and bicycle ways, bridges, market squares, and other public areas. Also included is the maintenance and cleaning of city-maintained private roads. In addition, the maintenance of the urban runoff network is part of the street maintenance branch.

Seinäjoen Vesi, Inc. is responsible for the maintenance and planning of the water and sewage network.

Seiverkot, Inc. is responsible for the traffic and street light grid as well as the operation of the electricity grid in Seinäjoki’s inner city area. Nurmo and Ylistaro are primarily under Elenia, Inc and Caruna, Inc.

Seinäjoen Energia, Inc. is responsible for the production of district heating in the population centres of Seinäjoki and Peräseinäjoki.

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