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Seinäjoki offers many different forms of housing, for rental or purchase, to its inhabitants. From apartments in the centre of town and apartment buildings, detached and terrace houses in the suburban neighbourhoods around the town, to picturesque village and waterside settings; Seinäjoki has something to offer every need and desire.

Rental and students homes and apartments:

Sevas Oy
Lakea Oy

Private market housing and apartments for sale or rent:


Plots for detched

The city of Seinäjoki offers a variety of options for acquiring plots of land for the purpose of building a detached house. It is possible to either buy a plot or rent one from the city.

Loans and allowances

Govenment funds are used for allowances and approving interest subsidy loans for building and basic improvement work as well as for renovating apartments. More information can be found in the webpages of The Housing Finance and Development Centre of Finland - ARA

City of Seinäjoki
Technical office
Visiting address: Kirkkokatu 6, 60100 Seinäjoki
Mailing address: PO Box 215, 60101 Seinäjoki