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Gone Days of Seinäjoki

Welcome to the Gone Days of Seinäjoki mobile guide by the Provincial Museum of Southern Ostrobothnia!

The guide includes two tours, one of which is located in and near the Östermyra estate and the other continues from the estate all the way to Itikanmäki. The maps of the guide include suggested routes, but you can go through the tour based on your own interests. Both guides have the routes drawn according to routes for walking and cycling, so in case you want to see the routes by car or canoe, you have to divert from the route a little.

You can find more information on the route sites in the public web materials which can be found linked on the guide. The photographs used in the mobile guide are mainly from the collections of the Provincial Museum of Southern Ostrobothnia or the Seinäjoki City Library or provincial libraries. Sources of other photographs are marked on the images.

The making of the Gone Days of Seinäjoki mobile guide has been supported by Ministry of Education and Culture. The guide has been written and created by Anni Rissanen, MA.

The Iron, Rye and Gunpowder tour

This tour introduces the three tycoons and eras of Östermyra. The history of the estate began when Abraham Falander (later Wasastjerna) founded an ironworks by the Seinäjoki river.
His son Gustaf Adolf Wasastjerna continued iron production but also founded Finland's first gunpowder factory. Abraham's grandson, Gustaf August continued the work of his father and grandfather, in addition to which he developed the agriculture of both the estate and the whole Seinäjoki region. The tour presents pieces of Östermyra's history that are interesting to visitors of many ages. Along the tour, you will get to know the manufacturing of both iron and gunpowder, as well as the lives of the estate's people and a little bit of ghosts. At the end of each item, you can answer a multiple-choice question and see how many points you get.

From Östermyra to Frami tour

This tour presents the history of trades in Seinäjoki, from the days of Östermyra as an ironworks estate in the 19th century to the 21st century technology centre Frami. The surroundings of the river Seinäjoki, running through the city of Seinäjoki, have had a variety of industrial businesses as well as people with strong characters running them. Many production buildings have little remains, but the stories behind them are much more interesting.

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