The Seinäjoki area’s Department of Environmental Health Care area of operations includes the following municipalities: Alajärvi, Alavus, Evijärvi, Isokyrö, Kauhava, Kuortane, Lappajärvi, Lapua, Seinäjoki, Soini, Vimpeli and Ähtäri.

The Department of Environmental Health Care’s area of responsibility includes general health monitoring, veterinarian medical services and animal protection. The general health monitoring consists of food quality inspections, monitoring of health protection and tobacco control.

Veterinarian appointments

Appointments for non-urgent cases can be made via phone to the veterinarian´s phone number. Service time is from 8 am to 9 am.

Veterinarian on-call service at nights and on weekends

  • On-call service 2 am – 8 pm.
  • Weekend on-call service begins Fridays at 2 am and ends Monday mornings at 8 am.

On-call duty areas and phone numbers

  1. Seinäjoki area
    Isokyrö, Lapua ja Seinäjoki
    0600 399 001
  2. Järviseutu area
    Alajärvi, Evijärvi, Kauhava, Lappajärvi ja Vimpeli
    0600 399 002
  3. Kuusiokunnan area
    Alavus, Kuortane, Lehtimäki ja Ähtäri
    0600 399 004

Animal Protection

If you know of a case where animals are mistreated, you can contact the supervising veterinarian by email

Food Safety and Control

Contact a health inspector if you:

  • plan to set up a company that produces/ offers food
  • are interrupting or discontinuing the operations mentioned above
  • are selling or serving food from moving food premises
  • suspect that you have contracted food poisoning
  • have concerns about the quality of a food item or food premises

Contact information for Food Safety and Control:
Luhtasaari Piia 044 425 5039
Sivula Johanna 044 4255 579

Monitoring of Health Protection

Contact a health inspector if you:

  • plan to set up operations that can cause health hazards for customers or housing (e.g. beauty salon, tattoo studio, solarium, gym, sauna, public accommodations, daycare, school, nursing home, public beach, spa)
  • plan to organise a big event for the public (at least 500 coincidental visitors)
  • suspect that your apartment is causing health hazards

Contact information for Health Protection Monitoring:
Perttula Jarno 044 754 1891
Uutela Katariina 044 425 5903

Tobacco and Nicotine Control

The sale of tobacco and nicotine liquids is subject to license, and a trading licence can be retrieved from a health inspector. The easiest way to apply for a permit is to apply via the link below.
Retail licence and wholesale notification

Contact information for Tobacco and Nicotine Control:
Luhtasaari Piia 044 425 5039
Sivula Johanna 044 4255 579