Adult social services provide support for those of working age. The aim of adult social services is to support everyone’s participation, independence and coping. In addition to the basic social assistance granted by the municipality, our services include social work as well.

Adult social services can help you in, for example, the following matters:

• support for everyday life
• support and guidance in financial difficulties
• support for housing
• support due to prolonged unemployment or reduced work capacity
• a sudden crisis
• guidance and advice on social security benefits and social services

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Mental health services

The mental health services of our Adult Social Services Unit provides support for people who, due to an illness, have long-term difficulties in their everyday life.

The services are intended for adults who have been diagnosed with a mental disorder and have an ongoing care relationship with a primary health care centre, mental health centre, hospital or private physician/therapist.

Mental health services support independent living and social participation. Housing services can be provided to those in need of special suppor

Appointments Mon, Tue and Thu 9.00am–10.00am
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