The Age Centre – the counselling unit for the elderly

The Age Centre (Ikäkeskus in Finnish) is a counselling unit for the elderly living in Seinäjoki. The Age Centre provides advice and guidance on the services available to the elderly.

The Age Centre’s Service Point provides information on alternative public, private or third sector services. If necessary, a case manager will assist you in determining which services are suitable for you. To receive guidance and advice, visit the Age Centre or call the Service Point’s number. You can also contact our case managers by email. The service is confidential and free of charge. If the case manager estimates that you may require more extensive services, they will visit you at home to help identify your specific needs.

Identifying your needs will help us determine if you need home care, housing services, adjustments to your home, informal care support, or income security. The Age Centre’s case manager will help you and, if necessary, your closest relations identify your needs.