Upper secondary schools and the units of the vocational education centre Sedu fall under the area of student health care.

This is mainly a preemptive form of health care. The goal is to promote students’ health and their ability to study, strengthen the positive resources and support self-esteem. If needed, the student is guided to further testing or treatment and rehabilitation. In student health care, illnesses and troubles obstructing the ability to study are treated, and first aid for sudden illness and accidents is given.

Upper secondary schools and the faculties of the vocational education centre Sedu

The students of upper secondary schools and the vocational education centre Sedu receive a broad health checkup, which includes a nurse’s health inspection during the first year of studies and a doctor’s examination in the second. At the same time, boys who are conscripted receive a preliminary examination for draft and the defence forces’ health inspection form is completed. With the broad health examination, the students’ state of health, study ability and life situation are mapped.

An essential part of student health care is working in student welfare groups together with the student counsellor, curator, principal, Head of Education and other partners of cooperation. The student counselling group supports the student when managing the different phases of their studies. Student health care also comprises the monitoring and promotion of health and safety in the study environment and participation in crisis work of the learning institutions. Student health care also includes the dental care services of the healthcare centre of Seinäjoki.