School health care has the role of both preempting and treating diseases and illnesses.

When should you visit the school nurse?

– the school nurse invites the pupil to a health check annually and in every grade
– falling ill or facing an accident during a school day
– minor treatment procedures by an appointment, such as removal of stiches
– matters that make a child, a young person, or family members concerned (such as relationships between friends, bullying, changes within the family structure)
– discussing matters related to growth and development (e.g. puberty)
– the need to gain information on matters related to dating or contraceptives
– a young person wants information on quitting smoking or on the negative aspects of intoxicants
– the parent of a child under ten years old who has suddenly fallen ill gets notice from the school nurse
– pupils and their parents may turn to the pupil’s own school nurse regarding questions related to the health and wellbeing of the child or young person

When to see the school doctor?

– all pupils in grades I, V and VIII are invited to a doctor’s examination. The pupil’s parents are invited to join these broad health inspections, where not only the child’s but also the whole family’s wellbeing is assessed.
– the school doctor also treats diseases that affect learning at school, such as mental health problems or learning difficulties

For other matters requiring doctor’s treatment, you should make an appointment at your own doctor’s reception at the health centre.

– e.g. accidents outside school time
– followup of long-term diseases (e.g. asthma)
– acute diseases (e.g. ear or eye infections)

Besides health checkups and counselling, school health care includes:

– first aid in urgent cases of illness or accidents that take place at school
– participation in crisis work at a school
– cooperation with parents and the personnel of student welfare services
– implementation of the national vaccination programme
– specialised tests in eyesight, hearing, and mental health for those at primary school level, under a referral and free-of-charge
– the dental healthcare services of the health centre of Seinäjoki
– inspections of the safety and security of the school facilities every three years