The services of the maternity clinic are appointment-based. It is recommended to seek the clinic’s guidance at the beginning of the pregnancy, after pregnancy has been comfirmed. You can conduct the test yourself or you can have a test at the laboratory of the health center or at the maternity or family planning clinic. The maternity clinic assists families from the beginning of pregnancy to the time following childbirth. The services of the maternity clinic are free to families living in Seinäjoki.

The purpose of the maternity clinic is to monitor the pregnancy, find high-risk pregnancies, and guide mothers to extended care, prevent or treat the dangers threatening the mother or the child, and promote and encourage a healthy way of living. The maternity clinic prepares the family for childbirth and the time after the birth as well as supports parenthood, lasting relationships, and interaction with the child. At the maternity clinic, parents also receive information about the services society offers them: for example, Kela’s (the Social Insurance Institution in Finland) benefits to families with children; services of social work.

Maternity clinic services include:

– clinic appointments
– home visits after childbirth
– training groups for families and childbirth
– groups to help during the final stages of pregnancy