The aim of the family planning clinic is to promote and maintain sexual health. During a clinic visit, topics and problems related to relationships and sex education can also be discussed.

The services provided by the family planning clinic include:
– initial examinations for the use of the contraceptive pill as well as annual followups
– fitting and the followup of intrauterine devices, annually or every two years
– fitting, removing and the followup of contraceptive capsules
– solving contraception-related problems
– solving gyneacological problems of somebody using contraception and, if needed, guiding to treatment
– referrals for sterilisation for men and women
– initial research and counselling of the treatment of infertility and referral to extended tests in the central hospital
– pregnancy tests
– guidance in sexually transmitted diseases and referrals to laboratory tests
– menstruation problems within young people
– sex therapy and counselling

There are nurses, midwives, doctors and sex therapists and counsellors working at the clinic.

Visits to the family planning clinic are confidential and free.

Only a doctor’s appointment that has not been cancelled in due time is charged with the valid fee.